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Home 1st Lending recognizes how the recent downturn of the economy has caused many credit-worthy individuals to lose their homes to short sales and watch their credit scores fall. Many were victims of lost income and plummeting home values.

Home 1st Lending and their Lenders address this issue by treating short sales on a buyer’s credit report in a more positive manner. We do not treat the missed payments prior to the short sale as negative credit.


Conventional Loans:   20% Down Payment and Credit Scores of 680 or Higher and need to be 4 years from your Short Sale. 

FHA and USDA Loans:   No Money Down and Credit scores at least 640.  You need to be only 3 years from your Short Sale. 

VA Loans:   No Money Down and Credit Scores of 600 or higher.  You only need to be 1 year from your Short Sale.

More importantly, Home 1st Lending and their Lenders do not treat short sales as a foreclosure. If there were no late payments made on the home sold by short sale there is no seasoning required meaning a short sale could have occurred last week or last year.
Fortunately there are Private Banks that are offering Non Traditional Mortgages for Borrowers who are just 1 Day out of Short Sale, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy.  Now you can also purchase a new home with a little as 20% down payment.

These loans are 30 year fixed rate loans and Rates start at 7.99%.  There is NO Prepayment Penalty so you can refinance out of this mortgage as soon as you qualify for a traditional mortgage. 
This Mortgage can be for a Primary Home, Second Home or Investment Property. 

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