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Loan Program


  • Conventional Mortgage with 5% or more
    Down Payment

  • Interest rate Fixed for 10 Years to 30 Years

  • Stable Monthly Payment
    Loans for Primary, Vacation & Investment

  • Monthly PMI payment with less than             20% down payment

  • Requires Higher Credit Scores than         FHA/USDA/VA


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  • Only 3.5% Required down payment
  • Credit Scores from 620 Accepted
  • Interest rate Fixed for 15 years or 30 years
  • Loan May be Assumed by Qualified Buyer
  • Higher Monthly PMI Payments
  • Only Available for Primary Homes

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  • 100% Financing - No Money Down
  • Low Monthly PMI payment
  • Rate Fixed for 30 yrs.-Payment cannot go up
  • Not available everywhere-Call for Map
  • Only Available for Primary Homes

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  • Low Down payment - From 5% Required
  • No PMI Payments
  • Rate Fixed for 15 or 30 Years
  • No Appraisal Required
  • Loans for Primary, Vacation & Investment Properties
  • Only Available for Homes Listed for sale         by HomePath
  • Interest rates about .50 Higher than            Conventional Mortgages
  • Credit Scores 660 Minimum

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  • 100% Financing - No Money Down
  • No Monthly PMI payments
  • Rate Fixed for 15 or 30 years
  • Closing Costs can be paid by Seller
  • Must be eligible for VA - Military Loan
  • Only available for Primary homes

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  • Refinance up to 200% of Home Value
  • Low Rate Fixed for 10 to 30 Years
  • No PMI Payments
  • No Appraisal - Closing Costs Included in Loan
  • Loans Must be Currently Owned By Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to Qualify for HARP

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